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Since 1959, the Maryland Genealogical Society has been promoting genealogical study and research.   Through our publications, programs, resources, and outreach, the Society can help you explore your family history.
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2022 Holiday Luncheon

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New Maryland Minutes Webinar

The next offering in our Maryland Minutes webinar series is Understanding Ground Rent. MGS Board member Debra Hoffman tells us what we need to know about the history and practice of ground rent, which is relatively rare outside of Maryland. She explains exactly what it is, and identifies the types of information you can find to help your genealogical research in Maryland. She also takes us through how to understand ground rent records and provides some helpful resources. If you are researching Maryland families, particularly in the greater Baltimore region, this one is for you!
This video is available in our Members Only section, where you also can view all of the previous webinars in our collection. Not yet a member of MGS? Learn more about joining.
Specializing in Maryland and German research, Debra A. Hoffman is a professional genealogist, owner of Hoffman Genealogical Services, and was the coordinator of the Maryland course at the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG) in 2020. She has a certificate in Family History from Brigham Young University, a Professional Learning Certificate in Genealogical Studies (PLCGS)-German Records and is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists.


Bulletin/Journal Indexes Now Online

MGS is pleased to now make available online the indexes for (almost) all issues of the Maryland Genealogical Society Journal  (2008-current) and its predecessor the Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin (1960-2007). These publications represent over 60 years of articles on Maryland families and genealogical resources, and the indexes include thousands of names. 
The only missing indexes are for Volumes 28 and 29, and for two of the four issues in Volume 30. Indexing of these is planned, and the indexes will be added as they are completed. Click here to access the Bulletin/Journal indexes.
If you are a MGS member, once you find index entries of interest from the Bulletin, you can continue your research online since all issues of the Bulletin are available in the Members Only area of the web site.


Baltimore City Online Marriage Index - Expanded!

We're pleased to announce the addition of five more years of data - from 1915-1919 - to the MGS Baltimore City Marriage Licenses Index! Previously, the online index was an electronic version of two Maryland State Archives card indexes with information on marriages from 1851-1914. The index now also includes additional information for marriage records from 1915-1919. The index cards for 1851-1914 are alphabetized by the name of the groom, so the MGS online index provides the first searchable index to the names of the brides. This index is also the first ever created for the marriage records from 1915-1919. The index database includes 284,643 marriage records.  
To access the data, click on Members Only, then sign in and look for “Baltimore Marriage Index” on the left side of the page.
MGS would like to thank the dedicated volunteers who've spent several thousand hours completing this project. Click here to learn more about the volunteers who worked on adding the 1915-1919 marriages to the database. Many thanks also to Board Members John Siemon and Dave Powell for coordinating creation of the index. 
Showing a portion of the marriage record for the second marriage of Babe Ruth's father, 1915.


July 2022 MGS News

The July 2022 edition of MGS News is now available. If you are a MGS member, you should have received the issue by email. If you are a member and haven't provided us with your email, please contact us at so that you can begin to receive MGS News
Archived copies of this issue and previous issues are available in the Member's Only area. 


MGS Journal

The December 2021 issue of the Journal is available. Members receive their copies by mail. Earlier issues of the Journal also are available for sale, and members receive a discounted price. Click here for information on prices and how to purchase.
In this issue, we continue the story by Karen Bowman and Mary Lorimor of  Benjamin Sampson and Jemima Standiford of Baltimore County, here tracing their predecessors. (Part 1 in the August issue told the story of their descendants.) In an earlier issue, John V. Richardson Jr. examined a $250,000,000 genealogical scam that had fooled some people into believing themselves to be heirs to the House “fortune.” We invited readers to further explore the case and offered a finder’s fee to anyone who could uncover more information or records relating to the case. Journal reader Tony Nardo rose to the challenge and found significant new information, demonstrating the importance of using land records and even Google searches. Paul Heinegg has spent several decades documenting the history of free African American communities. In this issue he adds to our knowledge about Benjamin Banneker’s parentage with his recently discovered 1731 court petition from Mary Banneker. Our Photo Vault article explores the families of Nicholas and John Thomas Nelson of Harford County. Jane Burgess challenges your genealogical knowledge in the crossword puzzle, and Allender Sybert and Jane Burgess review current books and genealogical resources in our review section.
For a look at the full table of contents, click here.


Used Genealogy Books For Sale

(Image by Emma Lopez, posted on Flickr under a Creative Commons license.)MGS has an inventory of used genealogy-related books available for purchase on the For Sale page. MGS members receive a 12% discount on purchases. (Be sure to be signed in on the website as a member before ordering!) All prices already include shipping and handling. Sales are first come, first served!
In addition to books on Maryland, our current inventory includes the following topics: family histories; U.S., British, German, New England, Pennsylvania, Polish, Scottish, and Virginia research; photography; lineage societies; royalty and nobility; Norman ancestry; heraldry; and general interest. We will be adding books as they become available.


We're Looking for Your Photos!

Would you like to see images of your ancestors included on the MGS Web site? Members are encouraged to submit photos for inclusion in the gallery of images at the top of the page that rotate and change each time visitors go to a new page on the Web site. (Each has a caption that you can read by hovering your cursor over the image.) For more information about submitting images, click here.