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VOLUME 62, NUMBER 3, 2021
MARYLAND GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY JOURNAL Vol. 62, No. 3, 2021 (In stock - $15.00 members/$17.00 non-members) 
  • Benjamin Sampson and Jemima Standiford of Baltimore County, Maryland. Part 2: Their Predecessors, by Karen (Cornwell) Bowman and Mary (Klein) Lorimor  
  • House Heirs Revisited: A Fascinating Expedition into Maryland Land Records, by Anthony R. Nardo Jr.
  • The Ancestry of Benjamin Banneker: His Mother Tells Her Own Story​, by Paul Heinegg
  • Selections from the Photo Vault: The Nicholas Nelson and​ John Thomas Nelson Families of Harford County, by Allender Sybert
  • Genealogy Crossword Puzzle and Solution: Some Family Relationships, by Jane F. Burgess
  • Pagan, African American News in the Baltimore Sun, 1870–1927, by Allender Sybert
  • Heinegg, Free African Americans of Maryland and Delaware from the Colonial Period to 1810, by Allender Sybert
  • Heinegg, Free African Americans of North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina from the Colonial Period to About 1820, by Allender Sybert
  • Phillips, White Slave Children in Colonial America: Supplement to the Trilogy, by Allender Sybert
  • Pearl, Terror to the Wicked: America’s First Trial by Jury that Ended a War and Helped to Form a Nation, by Jane F. Burgess
  • Miller, Genealogy at a Glance: Ukrainian Genealogy Research, by Allender Sybert