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VOLUME 55, NUMBER 3, 2014
MARYLAND GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY JOURNAL Vol. 55, no. 3, 2014 (In stock - $15.00), 196 pages
  • “Edward Simmons of Dorchester County and His Descendants,” By Jacqueline Simmons Hedberg 
  • “The Baxter  Family:   Linking  Generations  from  Pennsylvania  to Maryland,” By Rebecca Whitman Koford
  • “Confirming the Place of Origin and Identity of German Immigrants: A Baltimore Case Study Using German Church Records,” By Druscilla J. Null
  • “Identifying the  Father  of  Adam Houshalter Junr  from Washington County in 1778: A Case Study Using Direct and Indirect Evidence,” By Jane F. Burgess
  • “Baltimore County Administration Bonds: Part 3 of Liber 1, 1667–1776,” By Robert W. Barnes     
  • “George Davidson: Did He Really Head for Indiana?” By Helen Hinchliff
  • “St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church of Baltimore City: Burial Records 1849–1850 and 1859–1861,” By John Siemon 
  • “Marylanders in the War of 1812: Buried in the Congressional Cemetery,” By James P. Burgess                                                       
  •  "Genealogy Crossword Puzzle: Maryland and the French and Indian War,” By Jane F.  Burgess  
  •  “Genealogy Quiz Answers,” By  Jane F. Burgess                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
  • Esgar. Queen   Anne’s   County,   Maryland,    Marriage    References and Family Relationships, 1706–1800.  By Robert W. Barnes.
  • Ljungstedt. The County Court Note-Book, Volumes I – X, and Ancestral  Proofs  and  Probabilities, Numbers 1 – 4.  By Robert W. Barnes.
  • Board   for   Certification   of    Genealogists.   Genealogy  Standards.  50th Anniversary Edition.  By Jane F. Burgess.
  • Garrett. New   Castle   County,  Delaware,  Land  Records,   1777–1785. By  Allender Sybert.
  • Hamilton.  Northampton County, Virginia, Census Records,  1820–1840. By Allender Sybert.
  • Ports. Genealogy at a Glance: Maryland Genealogy Research.   By  Robert W. Barnes.
  • Morgan. Genealogy  at  a Glance: Research.  By  Robert W. Barnes.  
  • Mitchell.   Genealogy   at   a   Glance:     Scots-Irish   Genealogy   Research. By  Robert W. Barnes.