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VOLUME 57, NUMBER 2, 2016
MARYLAND GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY JOURNAL Vol. 57, no. 2, 2016 (In stock - $15.00 members/$17.00 non-members)
  • A Roster of John F. Reynolds Post # 6, Grand Army of the Republic by David C. Bailey, Sr.
  • Joseph Sands—World War I, 115th Infantry, 29th Division, Company M by Jo Ann Sands Barsda and John M. Siemon
  • World War I Soldiers:  Resources and Bibliography by Jo Ann Sands Barsda and John M. Siemon
  • The Death of Captain Joseph T. Ennis:  A Re-examination by Thomas L. Hollowak
  • Julien P. Friez (1851–1916), From Grandvillars to Baltimore by Daniel J. Lougnot
  • The Descendants of William Faris by Robert W. Barnes
  • Gleanings from the Baltimore County Orphans’ Court Proceedings, Part 9:  1810–1812 by Allender Sybert
  • Stronger Genealogical Skills by Jane F. Burgess
  • Genealogy Crossword Puzzle and Solution by Jane F. Burgess
  • Polk. Beyond Damned Quarter: The Polk/Pollock Family of the Chesapeake Eastern Shore in the Colonial Era. By Robert W. Barnes
  • Skinner. Abstracts of the Debt Books of the Provincial Land Office of Maryland. Worcester County. By Allender Sybert
  • Phillips. White Slave Children of Colonial Maryland and Virginia: Birth and Shipping Records. By Robert W. Barnes
  • Phillips. White Slave Children of Charles County, Maryland: The Search for Survivors. By Robert W. Barnes
  • Peden. Harford County, Maryland, Marriage References and Family Relationships, 1861–1870. By Allender Sybert
  • Marshall. Prince George’s County, Maryland, Land Records, 1748–1752, Liber PP. By Allender Sybert
  • War of 1812 Preserve the Pensions Fund. Genealogy at a Glance: War of 1812 Research. By Debra A. Hoffman
  • Bush. Genealogy at a Glance: Genetic Genealogy Basics. By Allender Sybert
  • Boyle. “Apt to Get Drunk at All Opportunities” White Pennsylvania Runaways, 1750–1762. By Robert W. Barnes
  • Ports. Georgia Free Persons of Color. Volume IV: Chatham County, 1817–1863. By Robert W. Barnes