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VOLUME 56, NUMBER 2, 2015
MARYLAND GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY JOURNAL Vol. 56, no. 2, 2015 (In stock - $15.00), 196 pages
  • "Baltimore’s Immigrants, Part 1," by Nicholas Fessenden
  • "John Hatton and Sarah, His Wife, of Baltimore County, Maryland:  A Suggestive but Cautionary Case of Onomastics", by Stephen B. Hatton
  • "The Search for William H. Day, Son of Hazen P. and Agnes Murray Day, Analyzing Conflicting Data," by Gloria Gibson Day
  • "Nineteenth-Century Baltimore City Directories:  Why Use them for Genealogical Information?" by Jane F. Burgess  
  • "Marylanders in the Bureau of Pensions, Law Division Case Files, A-BON," by Claire Prechtel-Kluskens
  • "Rosie the Riveter Rally for Victory, A Family’s Contribution to History," by Debi Wynn
  • "Guide to Research in Baltimore County, Maryland," by Robert W. Barnes                                         
  • "A Few Tips for Understanding Meanings of Data in Old Documents," by Jane F. Burgess
  • "Oler Family Bible," by Nancy Waters Lauer
  •  "Genealogy Crossword Puzzle: Maryland and Dates of Death," by Jane F. Burgess
  •  "Short Subjects," by Robert W. Barnes
  • Peden. Cecil County, Maryland, Marriage References and Family Relationships, 1825–1850, by Allender Sybert
  • Anderson. Abstracts of Frederick County, Maryland, Land Records, 1778. Libers V, W, BD1, BD2, and RP1, by Robert Barnes
  • Marshall.  Charles County, Maryland, Wills, 1801 - 1808. Will Book, AL–12, by Allender Sybert
  • Martin.  Annapolis Maryland Families, Volume 3, by Robert Barnes
  • Simmons/ Sapienza. Grave Matters:  Anne Arundel County Maryland Cemetery Map Book, by Robert Barnes
  • Freilish.  Genealogy and the Law:  A Guide to Legal Sources for the Family Historian, by Jane F. Burgess
  • Boyle.  Sly and Artful Rogues, Maryalnd Runaways, 1775 - 1781, by Robert Barnes
  • Mitchel.  Tracing Derry-Londonderry Roots, by Allender Sybert